What is Energy Choice?

Energy Choice Means You Decide Who Supplies Your Energy

Before competition was introduced, homes and businesses purchased their energy supply from the local utility company. In 1977, lawmakers in 17 states began changing regulations to allow energy suppliers to offer natural gas and electricity directly to consumers, usually at lower rates than those of the local utility company. For the first time, consumers had the freedom to choose their own energy supply and energy supplier.

This change means that you are able to search for the best price and potentially lower your energy costs; allowing you to act as your own energy expert. Energy Choice allows you to pursue pricing options and plans that may be lower and more strategic than what your utility currently offers. You may also find better customer service when you choose a new energy supplier.


Why Energy Choice Matters


For a long time, a single company provided all aspects of energy services to our homes – our utility companies. But in more recent years, states across the country have developed competitive markets for energy; providing the opportunity for energy suppliers to compete with each other over the price of the electricity and natural gas that powers your home or business. This competition drives innovation, provides choices for customers and helps keep energy costs as low as possible. Where this competition exists, there is an opportunity for you, the customer, to save.